Kids Small Backpacks

Kids Small Backpacks

School backpack is a necessity in kids’ study and life. It can not only help kids to clean up some things, but also improve kids’ learning awareness. Buy a kid…
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School backpack is a necessity in kids’ study and life. It can not only help kids to clean up some things, but also improve kids’ learning awareness. Buy a kid favorite backpack, kids will treasure school backpack and books, learning tools, so as to further generate the emotion of love for learning.In addition, kids are in a critical period of growing up, and appropriate small backpack play an important role in the healthy growth of bones.

Model Number 33
Material Nylon
Size 20*10*26cm
Weight 0.15kg
Color Red ,green ,pink ,navy blue,light blue
MOQ 500pcs for custom logo
1pc for ready bag
Shipment 4-6 workdays by express
10-15 workdays by air
30-40 days by sea


Details of this kids small backpacks as following:

1. The weight of kids backpack should not exceed 10% of the body weight

If a kidt’s back weight accounts for 10% or more of his weight for 20 minutes in a row, his spine will shrink by 6 mm to 8 mm, which will cause back pain and scoliosis for a long time, resulting in the aging risk of “growing slowly and shrinking fast”.

In the selection of school backpack material, should try to choose nylon or canvas material, wear-resistant and light weight. In addition to the weight of books, stationery, etc., the weight of the whole school backpack should not exceed 10% of the weight of the kids, otherwise it will have a significant impact on the bones and back muscles. For example, if the weight of a kid is 20 kg, the total weight of a book when it is packed should be less than 2 kg. At the same time, kids should form a good habit of packing their small backpack every day, and take away the books that are temporarily useless.

And there with chest belt can fix the kids small backpack on the back, prevent the bag from swinging, and reduce the pressure on the spine and shoulders.


2. Choose the kids small backpack according to the actual situation

You should refer to kids’ height and book size when choosing a school backpack. The backpacks you buy needs enough space to hold kids’ books and stationery. Among the backpacks that meet the requirements, it is recommended to choose a smaller bag. For kids aged 1-3 in primary and secondary classes, it is appropriate to have a bag size of about 25cm.

This one kids small backpacks size with 20*10*26cm, and only 0.15kg, superlight for one kid. It will not add pressure to the shoulders.


3. Bright color

Kids have obvious visual preference. They usually like bright  things, and think bright backpacks are very beautiful. If kids like school backpack, will like school, will like learning.

There are 5 different colors for this kids small backpack, such as red, green, pink, navy blue and blue colors. Each color will bring kids different feeling.


4. Cartoon pattern

Kids usually like to watch cartoons in their spare time. They are very interested in some cartoon images to stimulate their exploration ability and thinking ability.

Cartoon dinosaur printing on the kids small backpack, it looks sute and will attract kids very much. Let kids like carrying this small backpacks to school every day.


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