Cute Backpacks For Girls

Cute Backpacks For Girls

Every girl has a princess dream and a tender girl heart. Wearing beautiful hairpin, beautiful princess skirt and pink crystal shoes, dancing happily in the castle. Even if there is…
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Every girl has a princess dream and a tender girl heart. Wearing beautiful hairpin, beautiful princess skirt and pink crystal shoes, dancing happily in the castle. Even if there is no princess skirt, carrying this cute backpack, you can become your own princess, as lovely as an fairy.Like the princess in the movie, she is an independent, optimistic, confident, strong, lovely and kind girl.


Model Number 6603
Material Nylon
Size 44*15*28cm
Weight 0.4kg
Color Sky blue ,pink ,rose red , black , navy blue
MOQ 500pcs for custom logo
1pc for ready bag
Shipment 4-6 workdays by express
10-15 workdays by air
30-40 days by sea


Product introduction of cute backpacks for girls


Available colors: Sky blue, pink, rose red, black, navy blue Total 5 different colors for your choice for this cute backpack, each color can bring girls a different experience.

2. Material: This girls cute backpack used high density 600D nylon, it is 3 times more durable than ordinary nylon fabric. The fabric is thicker and more durable. It also has the effect of water resistant prevention. It is easy to deal with rainy days, wet fog and other emergencies.

3. Size: 28*15*44CM, It is suitable for girls students of Grade 1-3.

4. Weight: Only 0.4KG, the cute backpack itself is very light and perfect for girls.

5. Cute backpacks strap: According to the ergonomic design principle, the shoulder belt is composed of 3D mesh yarn and multi-layer sponge to ensure the best decompression and shoulder comfort. S-type mesh design, feel good, this kind of mesh design is very effective in heat dissipation.The arc design fits the girl’s back more easily.

6. Zipper: Simple shape, very smooth to pull up. There with cute zipper pullers, more popular with girls for this cute backpacks.



This girls cute backpack has a large capacity and large internal space to meet daily needs.


Functional division of girls cute backpacks

The utility of this backpack is very strong, there are many internal and external compartments, which can meet the needs of daily use. At the same time, the separation is clear, convenient for storage, taking and sorting.

1. Main compartment: The main area in the cute backpack is large enough to put down all kinds of things (books, clothes, etc.)

2. Second and third compartment on front: It can hold notebooks,pencil case, keys etc.

3. Side pockets: Girls’ umbrella and water cups can be put on there. It’s convenient

4. Padded sponge handle on top of the cute backpack, comfortable and durable for girls.

5. Nice stitching for reinforce can bear more weight, strong and durable, then the backpack will be use more longer time.

6. There with rubber patch logo on the girls cute backpack, it can custom with your own brand logo.

Backpack maintenance

1. Pre soak

When cleaning for the first time, soak in the water with a little detergent for a few minutes in advance, it will be soft to use, and will not fade easily in the futur.


2. Temperature control

Please wash it in water below 40 ℃, if the temperature is too high or too low, the active substances in the washing powder will be invalid and the cleaning effect will be reduced


3. Detergent use

Generally use neutral, volatile detergent, do not use detergent containing bleach or fluorescent agent


4. Washing method

It can be washed by hand or by machine. Please wash it separately. Do not put other clothes in it. Do not damage the fabric by buttons or metal products of other clothes .


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