With these backpacks with small size and large capacity, mountaineering and hiking are not tired!
Nov 01,2020

The backpack is ready, and the things you need to take on the road are also ready. Don’t think you can breathe a sigh of relief here. How to choose a good backpack is the most important. A good backpack, not only can let your items can be fully contained, easy to take out when you use, but also can reduce the pressure of the backpack on your body, comfortable back to walk happily.

Choosing the right type of backpack is a small part of a successful trip

I started walking outdoors a few years ago and became addicted to it. In hiking, backpacks largely determine whether the journey is comfortable or not. A good backpack not only makes people energetic, but also can carry a lot of things, liberate hands, keep body balance, and make the journey safer and more comfortable.

Then for the selection of backpack type:

For 1-3 days of non camping hiking, you only need to put food, clothing and other personal items in the bag. Preferred small size, large capacity backpack! This kind of backpack is light in weight and has no professional load, so it is suitable for hiking.

Small sized backpack for light weight. At the same time, the general small backpack is fashionable and avant-garde in shape, which makes you put more energy on the play instead of looking at the scenery like a cow.

For those who need to camp or travel for more than 3 days, they need to pack a whole set of camping equipment in their bags. Generally, when they are 15kg-20kg, they need to choose long-distance hiking backpacks (> 50L) but not more than one third of their weight. This kind of heavy package is large in volume, heavy in weight and has a complete carrying system.

The small details of the backpack increase the comfort of the journey

Comfort is a very important parameter for the choice of backpack. Believe me, you don’t want to walk a few kilometers, because of all kinds of inconvenient settings, and then the only thought in your mind is to go home… So how do you choose a backpack that makes you feel comfortable? That is to see the small details of the backpack! A good backpack can bring all kinds of convenience in detail processing, reduce various troublesome operations in the process of walking, so as to achieve the effect of reducing the burden of the body.

When it comes to detail handling, the first thing to bear is the external hanging system of the backpack (important. The utility model can increase the number of articles to be carried, and it is convenient to hang irregular articles. At the same time, the chest and waist fixed belt can prevent the backpack from moving up and down and reduce the moving load.

After understanding these tips, it is not found that backpack selection difficulties have some better!

The scenery outside is so good, set off on your journey, to experience different landscapes, experience different stories, all the encounters and encounters are waiting for you to open. Let these small and large backpacks accompany you to experience and experience a different life with you!

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