why there are bartacks on our bags?

- Nov 8, 2019 -

why there are bartacks on our bags?

When you buy backpacks, which part you may concentrate on? The design, fabric, size or workmanship? Many purchase the bags for its design or brand. But they may not aware that there are bartacks on the backpacks. They are on the shoulder straps, you may see them or not. Here are several pictures to show you the bartacks on the bags,


With the bartacks on the straps, it makes the straps more durable, stay longer even when we put more items into the backpack. It won’t be pulled out easily. We believe that this is a common problem we ever faced for the backpacks. And the users are worried about this no matter for school backpack, laptop backpacks or outdoor backpacks.

We add the bartacks on the stress points of our bags. Thus you will get more durable bags from us. We focus on the design, material, accessories of the bags, and we pay attention to the small parts. Every bag from us is carefully checked.

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