When choosing a travel bag, pay attention to the following steps
Sep 12,2020

In recent years, the word “allier” has become particularly popular, especially for people who travel outdoors. In Hong Kong and abroad, people are more accustomed to call it backpacker, which means “backpacker” in Chinese. The biggest feature of backpackers is of course the backpack. We often see groups of travelers carrying travel bags and hiking bags on their journeys. If you also want to be a chic and unruly lonely traveler, then first learn to choose a travel bag that suits you.

When choosing a travel bag, the main consideration is this: suitability. The choice of a backpack should consider the length of travel days, the number of times of use, the type of outdoor activities, and the type of exploration area. Backpacks are developed according to different scenarios and different functions. Therefore, different backpacks should be selected according to different needs. The so-called one-pack of the world is an irrational behavior.

The type of backpack. Outdoor backpacks are mainly divided into ordinary backpacks, inner-frame backpacks, and outer-frame backpacks. Ordinary backpacks are suitable for short trips with few items and light weight. The inner frame backpack has a structural support system inside the backpack to evenly distribute the weight on the shoulders and hips. The principle of the outer frame type and the inner frame type is the same, but the support frame is on the outside, both of which can carry a large amount of load. At present, the inner frame bag is more beautiful and more popular. Backpack size. Unless there is a real need, avoid oversized backpacks as much as possible. Large backpacks are heavy and inconvenient to carry. The choice of package depends on the length of the trip. Below 30 liters: small backpack, suitable for general hiking in the suburbs; 30-55 liters: multi-purpose backpack, mostly used for rock climbing, river tracing, suburban mountain or weekend camping; 55-80 liters: wide-purpose large backpack, used for Mid-level mountains and high mountains; over 80 liters: large expedition backpacks, long-day long high mountains and overseas expeditions.

When choosing an outdoor backpack, you must consider the distance, carrying, and type you are going out. In addition, you must also pay attention to the brand and reputation. Some products are born with defects and have poor brands. You have to be cautious when you say it, or you will suffer. When buying, it is best to find a physical store to experience it, because what is suitable for others may not be suitable for you. In short, only by feeling carefully and choosing patiently can you find the bag that belongs to you.

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