What’s the best material for a travel bag

- Oct 17, 2018 -

What’s the best material for a travel bag

1, Nylon material
This material is the most widely used bags of a material, especially some professional outdoor backpack, the use of high-density nylon material, its quality is definitely a lever, and nylon material is light, waterproof performance, wear-resistant, strength and toughness, is very suitable as a travel bag or professional outdoor backpack use.

2, PU leather material
PU Leather is a man-made fabric, low price, good water resistance, but poor wear resistance, this material of the travel bag, despite the appearance of high-grade, but not strong enough, usually not durable, a slight rub, the capacity rotten, affecting the entire package of beauty and use, therefore, travel bags customized, not recommended to choose this material.

3. Oxford Cloth Material Oxford cloth is similar to nylon, is a fabric material, this material is relatively strong, wear resistance is better, but Oxford cloth material bags relative nylon, weight to be higher, but if easy to play outdoors, the choice of Oxford cloth material made of the package of its quality is very good, and now the style of travel bags are more fashionable, can be loaded with goods, but also as a combination of items, the photo is also very cool.

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