What types of outdoor backpacks are there?

- Apr 25, 2019 -

What types of outdoor backpacks are there?

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1. Adventure backpack
This kind of backpack is generally used for extreme mountaineering adventures and long-distance trekking. The backpack has high support strength, strong bearing capacity and complicated process. It is the first choice for outdoor sports with high strength and professionalism.

2. Trekking backpack
It is mainly used for long-distance walking or long-distance travel, with strong support and light weight. It is suitable for general camping and crossing activities.

3. Climbing backpack
Designed for professional or amateur rock climbing and ice climbing. In order not to affect the climbing, the soft back design is usually adopted, and the fabric has strong tensile and durable.

4. Cycling backpack
Designed for cycling sports, these backpacks are generally designed to be compact, colorful, and functional. The bag body basically requires a reflective device, and the bag can accommodate a series of cycling items such as a water bottle and a helmet.

5. Outdoor leisure backpack

Daily outdoor leisure backpacks are casual, and the appearance value is also very important. It is best to match the daily clothing, and you can carry your belongings.

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