What material is the quality of the suitcase?

- Oct 17, 2018 -

What material is the quality of the suitcase?

1, aluminum magnesium alloy material belongs to the metal material, its quality is also a lever, very anti-pressure, anti-fall, basically with a few years is no problem, but aluminum magnesium alloy luggage because of the material itself, its weight is heavier, for often do aircraft people, it is necessary to check in the consignment. Because aluminum-magnesium alloy 20-inch box generally has 3, 4 kilograms, and the aircraft rules do not have to check the weight is not more than 5 kilograms, casually decorate the item may be overweight, and aluminum magnesium alloy luggage is very easy to scratch, not a few times the door became a “big Erhualian”, if the choice of air to fly the situation will be even worse.

2. PC Material
Widely used in the market has been a wide range of luggage material, with good heat, cold resistance, hardness is relatively good, but if it can be combined with ABS material, its hardness can be more on a level, PC material luggage box price medium, ABS+PC materials to create products in a more cost-effective advantage.

3, ABS material The hard box is made of the main material, and the suitcases made by it are mostly hot vacuum forming. The suitcase has a more delicate texture inside, the shell surface changes more than the soft box more resistant to impact, but because of the presence of boxes make weight heavier. But solid it can protect clothing not wrinkle, also not easy to damage fragile products. Use as much as you can, press and close. ABS is basically a very durable material.

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