What kind of fabric do military backpacks generally use ?
Oct 08,2020

With the military trend becoming more and more popular, some excellent workmanship and design decades ago also went through the modern fashion in this process.

Looking back at the history, in order to deal with the all-weather characteristics of war, military backpacks should not only be made of fabric with excellent wear-resistant and waterproof features, but also meet special needs, which have the characteristics that our conventional backpacks do not have, such as detachability, assembly type, etc. What is worth mentioning is that the painting color of backpacks should also be consistent with the style of soldiers’ military uniforms, with the blessing of camouflage or earth color system, so as to provide convenience for soldiers in long-distance and hard fighting, but also more conducive to hiding themselves and avoiding life danger.

The material of military backpack must be equivalent to the durability of military uniform, so as to make soldiers safer and more comfortable when performing tasks

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