What kind of backpack is suitable for students ?
Jun 23,2020

A heavy school backpack g is not only a “burden” for children to go to and from school every day. In the long run, an overweight school backpack may also affect children’s development. Among them, adolescent idiopathic scoliosis is a kind of spinal deformity caused by overweight backpack. Although the teenage killer is very high in the crowd, it is “hidden”. In a recent adolescent health survey, the positive rate of scoliosis in primary school and middle school was 15%-20%, the incidence rate was about 2%-4%, which was more than myopia.


The overweight backpack is harmful to the developing spine .


Although an 8 kg load is not a big deal for adults, it’s too heavy for a developing spine to carry more than 15% of its weight. If the child leans forward to walk with his backpack as shown in the figure below, the manual bag is too heavy. The lean forward and “round shoulder” posture will further aggravate the spinal deformity and associated pain.

Most of the changes in the lateral vault of the spine during development are believed to be mainly due to the bad posture caused by overload. Heavy schoolbags will make children unconsciously lean back. If the backpack is too heavy, it is better if the backpack is double shouldered, but if the backpack with single shoulder side too heavy is used, it can cause the irreversible high and low shoulders and even scoliosis in the growth and development period.

As you can imagine, a soft thin bamboo pole and a thick wood are used to support a heavy object respectively. The process of twisting and deformation of the thin bamboo pole is (bowstring effect). The spine developed by teenagers is equivalent to such a thin bamboo pole. Under the heavy load, it is very easy to deform.

Considering the pressure of schoolwork and physical health of children, the weight of school backpack carried by students should not exceed 10% of students’ weight.

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