What are the accessories used in backpacks?

- Oct 17, 2018 -

What are the accessories used in backpacks?

1. Zipper Zipper is to rely on continuous arrangement of the chain teeth, so that the items are joined or separated from the connection, the more famous zipper dealers have YKK and YBS, high-end backpack is generally used by YKK zipper. A good backpack and bad relationship with the zipper is very large, if the quality of the zipper is not enough, then the backpack will be very annoying to use.

2. Webbing
Webbing is generally divided into nylon and poly two kinds, nylon ribbon quality, feel soft, but the cost is higher, usually only high-grade backpack to use it, and poly ribbon is more common, most of the backpack are used poly ribbon.

3. Fastening Tool
Backpack buckle is generally divided into buckle (also known as side open buckle), day buckle, ladder buckle, hooks, rope buckle, there are some more special use of fasteners.

4. Bubble Sponge On the backpack, the role of foam is very important, the common PU cotton and PE cotton. Pu Mian is often said sponge, is a lot of holes, very light soft, generally used in close to the body of the user’s place. PE cotton is a kind of plastic foaming material, there are many small bubbles in the middle, can maintain a certain shape, generally used to support the shape of the backpack.



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