Tips for outdoor back wrapping

- Oct 17, 2018 -

Tips for outdoor back wrapping

1, to equip items, you must first creating priorities Outdoor to use a lot of items, but the items should be based on the use of priority, commonly used, fragile items to put on the above, not commonly used and anti-pressure items to be placed below, in addition, when the package also pay attention to the center of gravity solid. Backpack center of gravity, high and low, in general, heavy items placed on the top, so that the center of the backpack higher, saddled in the process of the waist can be straight. If you want to climb the difficult mountain, the center of the backpack should be lowered, so that the body can bend through the trees. General walking, backpack filling center of gravity can be placed on the back of the position.

2, according to different texture packaging Soft material (such as hats, gloves, etc.), used to fill the gap of large, hard, tangible items (such as pots, water bottles, etc.), and hard texture, irregular appearance of items (such as headlights, furnace first), preferably in a set of pots, lunch boxes and other containers. Water and food, placed in the middle of the backpack water and food is the proportion of all items, it is best to put water in the middle of the backpack, which makes the whole backpack center of gravity in the middle, so that will have the best comfort. Clothing and sleeping bags, as far as possible at the bottom, do not recommend the use of compression bags, it is best to put the clothes on the lower backpack, so as to compress the space as much as possible, and can be easily taken from the bottom of the warehouse when necessary.

3. Details worth noting Before the package must be relaxed backpack on the external belt and contraction belt, so that the space in the backpack fully open. After filling the article must tighten the contraction belt, in order to strengthen the package of goods; if the backpack fabric thinner or more plug-in, try to use a backpack cover to protect the equipment and bags, relative to the expensive backpack, the loss of a few cheap backpack cover is still acceptable.

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