Sports backpack for rope pulling
Nov 07,2020

The lighter the backpack you choose during sports, the better. If you can also fit it well enough and be fashionable enough, you can probably call it close to perfection. So most critical eyes can be taken away. The drawstring bag is a backpack that can satisfy all the above fantasies. It is light and convenient, without complicated decoration, but wins in simple print design. As long as it is not the extreme sports of mountaineering, it can meet the needs of many equipment. Even if it is not sports, it can be a good tool for daily going out to liberate both hands 。 The sanitary clothes or windproof clothes are good partners with them. They are young and sunny. The fashionable feeling is still

ZHZET launched this drawstring backpack, feel the color is more prominent and bright, at first glance may not be so good-looking, but back up, with a fitness equipment, still very bright.

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