Some details of choosing computer bag
Oct 07,2020

Bag customization service is becoming more and more popular, and even received the favor of many enterprises. Nowadays, many enterprises are looking for the computer bag factory to customize the gift computer bag, and printing the corporate logo on the computer bag as employee welfare, gift or business gift. Next, I’d like to introduce some details of customized computer bags.

Detail 1: protection capability

The computer bag is mainly used for notebook computer, which requires that the computer bag should have good protection ability. If you want to protect the notebook computer, the impact resistance of the computer bag must be strong enough. Therefore, when making the computer bag, the computer notebook should have a high density foam interlayer.

Detail 2: waterproof capability

The best choice of customized computer bag with a certain waterproof ability of the fabric, such as nylon. Choose waterproof fabric, can avoid light rain or spilled drinks on laptop production damage. In addition, the bottom of the bag may be in contact with the wet ground, so it is better to make the bottom of the bag completely waterproof.

Detail 3: firmness

Usually the computer bag in addition to the notebook computer, usually will also contain some daily necessities, so the computer bag must have a certain bearing capacity, the degree of firmness should be strong enough. On the other hand, gift computer bag is the symbol of corporate brand image. If quality problems occur, the brand image of the enterprise will be greatly damaged. Therefore, the firmness and durability of the computer bag are very important.

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