Postman package features
Apr 22,2020

The most important feature of the messenger bag is the one shoulder and the flip cover. After careful play by fashion designers, the original canvas fabric is still used, but the leather material is also very popular. For a leisurely outing party on the weekend, the messenger bag is perfect. It can simply accommodate some necessary items without the embarrassment of only a few things in a large bag. The thin and compact design is especially suitable for the light and thin dress of spring and summer.

For the busy elite office workers, the practicality of the zipper briefcase is particularly prominent. Generally, there are multiple inner or outer bag designs, which are convenient for storage and more secure. The zipper design can prevent some small objects from slipping out of the bag accidentally.

The clamshell briefcase is relatively stiff overall, giving a solid professional impression. The internal capacity cannot be underestimated. The storage capacity is much larger than the hard briefcases of the same size. It is more convenient to use, looks generous and comfortable, and looks like a fashionable and simple impression.


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