Messenger bag history
Apr 10,2020

Since 1978, John Peters has been insisting on developing functional and creative products in the sports and leisure products market. With 30 years of practical experience in creating trends, he returned to the works launched by his personal brand. In addition to the use of its iconic design and consistently refined processes, additional creative and innovative concepts have been added! , Has always been called “the first-line messenger bag legend” by the local street fashion industry! The reason why John Peters can create such a perfect all-match street fashion backpack is not only based on superior tastes and enthusiasm for materials , Because he is also a senior mountaineer. No one knows better than him the basic requirements for a stylish, durable and convenient accessory. These backgrounds and experiences are wonderful inspirations for his design. The impeccable series of Peters MountainWorks is made of tough Cordura and nylon mixture materials with polyurethane coatings, which fully guarantees that the finished products are absolutely functionally wear-resistant, tear-resistant and waterproof; then use top ITW NEXUS and YKK for thickened zippers and Buckle, a unique and practical legendary backpack was born. Another selling point of the brand is to use the best impregnated cotton as the main fabric to increase the plasticity of patterns and patterns, and the entire production process is completed at the Peters MountainWorks factory in Huston, a famous town in New York. The overwhelming function and style of the product is the main reason for its popularity and praise.


John Peter believes that the knowledge of street fashion trends is not just superficial, it also needs to be quite convenient and practical, so we ca n’t wait to present Peters Mountain Works, a 100% American-made one that truly blends trends and functions. Brand, so you can have a good taste and quality of life.


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