Men, teach you how to choose your own pocket
Sep 13,2020

Men’s choice of purse color selection. Men’s purse first choose their favorite color, bag pattern. This is very important. Bags can be paired with clothes, belts, shoes, even scarves or headwear. So the first step is to choose your favorite color and pattern. It doesn’t have to be limited to what you’re wearing, but it can also be matched with what you want to buy, or what you already have at home or something else. Of course, it’s better to buy clothes first and then bags. This makes it easier to see the overall effect. Of course, if you buy online, you should match it with the clothes you already have.

Men’s choice of purse material. There are many kinds of materials for men’s waistbags, such as natural leather, synthetic leather, imported Pu, domestic PU, plastics, cloth, animal fur, straw weaving, etc. Of course, the most widely used leather material is cowhide. When choosing a man’s purse, whether it is a leather bag or a straw bag or a cloth bag, in addition to choosing your favorite color, style and filial function, you also need to pay attention to the carrying mode of the bag.

Men’s choice of purse – detail type. In the choice of men’s waist bag details, such as the length of the bag belt, whether the pattern is suitable for you, whether the hardware of the bag is suitable for you, and so on. Then it’s time to choose the size of the package. The size of the bag is very important. I don’t pay attention to the size of the bag. I know it’s too big or too small after I buy it.

Men’s choice of pocket — workmanship. Finally, check the workmanship of men’s waistbags. This link is divided into several aspects: pull to see if it is easy to thread, whether there is balance, whether the suture is loose, skew, whether the skin has wrinkles, whether the hardware such as handlebars and clasps are firm, and whether there are large scratches. And whether the functions in the bag are complete, such as mobile phone bag, dark bag, certificate bag, etc. generally, high-end bags have certificate bags. At the same time, the lining of many high-end bags is relatively strong and durable, and the handle is good, and there is no smell at the same time. In addition, for the zipper of bags, men’s waistbags should pay more attention to check whether the zipper is firm.

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