Maintenance and cleaning of outdoor travel backpack
Oct 04,2020

For those who like outdoor travel, an outdoor backpack with various functions and durability is essential. When traveling outdoors, the backpack can not only liberate our hands, let us enjoy the leisure time of the journey better, but also store a lot of travel necessities, making our journey more secure and safer. Outdoor travel backpack provides users with many conveniences. Users should also know the daily cleaning and maintenance methods of outdoor travel backpacks, so as to prolong the life of outdoor travel backpacks and avoid unnecessary situations that may occur during the journey. Let’s take a look at the suggestions.

  1. Precautions for use of outdoor travel backpack:

When the outdoor backpack is full of items, do not slap and drop the backpack at will. As the sewing thread of the backpack filled with articles is very tight, if it is accidentally bumped or dropped, it is likely that the suture will crack or the fastener will be damaged, which will damage the backpack. In addition, iron equipment should not be close to the cloth of outdoor travel backpack. When using, pay attention to the damage of fastener, strap and other accessories to the bag body.

  1. Daily arrangement of outdoor travel backpack:

After use, the backpack is always stained with sweat, soil, dust, etc., so you should clean it immediately when you get home. Generally use soft bristle brush to remove the dust on the outer layer of backpack. If you wipe it with wet cloth directly, you will dye the stain on the cloth surface instead. Then wash with clean water, if there is oil stain, it is advisable to use neutral cleaning liquid, such as shower gel or washing powder. If you worry about the decline of water resistance, you can also spray water-proof agent at the time of quick drying. After washing, put it in a cool and ventilated place to dry. Remember that the backpack should not be exposed to the sun when it is wet, so as to avoid the fiber hardening and embrittlement caused by ultraviolet radiation. If it is after a long journey, soak it in warm water for about 30 minutes, or wash it with a large amount of clean water, so as to avoid organic matter, small organisms, or rotten leaves stuck in the backpack system, causing moldy backpacks or breeding bacteria. When the bag is not completely dried, the waterproof coating surface of the backpack is the best time to spray protection with professional anti sprinkling agent. After spraying the professional outdoor waterproof agent, the anti splashing function of your backpack is the same as when you just bought it.

3. Pay attention to repair when the backpack is broken

If the backpack is scratched, mend it immediately. When sewing, the thicker needle and thread (such as the needle specially used to mend the seat cushion) should be used to sew firmly, and then the nylon thread should be roasted with fire after sewing. When checking, the first thing is to check the stability of the supporting points (such as belt, shoulder belt and other carrying systems) to prevent the gasket from deteriorating or hardening without knowing it; the zipper should be replaced when it needs to be replaced, and do not wait for things to slip out of the backpack. The manufacturing materials of good quality outdoor travel backpacks are generally treated with coating and other special processes. It is helpful to choose good outdoor travel backpacks for outdoor travel. Nowadays, young people have no time for outdoor activities and indoor exercises due to work and other things. They are more and more eager for outdoor travel. Enterprises can customize an outdoor travel backpack to give benefits to employees and organize employees to carry out outdoor activities, which not only publicizes the company, but also gives employees a good trip.

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