If you like traveling, do you carry a backpack or a trolley case
Oct 18,2020

Travel can switch a mood, change a place, meet different scenery, also meet different self, maybe this is the meaning of travel. Now travel has become a fashionable way of life, more and more people like to travel to broaden their horizons and relax.

And for those who enjoy this kind of travel life, it is really a problem to take what they should and should not take. Some people don’t think so. They don’t prepare in advance. They just go out with some things. They want to buy what they lack. Of course, they only belong to the same family. The other part of the people are racking their brains, how to put all the things they want to take into the trunk or backpack, because there are so many things to bring!

In reality, many items in urgent need may not be available at any time during the journey, and taking too much luggage and filling it up will become a burden to us, affecting the journey and mood. With so many things to travel, you can’t miss a suitcase or backpack. A good suitcase can store the necessities of travel.

The amount of luggage depends on the destination, the length of business trip, personal habits and other factors, but some things can not be omitted or missing. Conventional: ID card, mobile phone, key and wallet; in addition, business needs of computers, power bank, necessary documents, business cards and even formal clothes, etc.

Is it better to choose trolley case or backpack for travel? You have to consider the classification and carrying of items, so some people will ask the question, is it a backpack or a trolley case? Let’s do some analysis and discussion.

Trolley case and backpack have their own characteristics. Which one you choose depends on your personal needs.

Trolley case is the choice of many people, especially girls. Because girls go out no matter how long they go out, they need to bring a lot of things, especially clothes, and they are afraid of wrinkles, so it is wise to choose a trolley case.

The biggest feature of the backpack is its simplicity and convenience. If you travel for a short period of time and carry less items, you’d better choose a backpack. It is convenient to carry and small in design, and it will make you feel a unique convenience and efficiency in a walk by walk journey. Of course, your destination also directly determines whether you need a trolley case or a backpack.

If you are in a big city where you are on business and plan to stay in a high-star hotel, you will not need a lot of luggage.

However, if you go to a remote town or even hiking in the wild, you need to bring more things. However, if you consider the outdoor factors, the backpack can free your hands, which is a very good choice.

Of course, in addition to taking into account the travel time and the amount of goods you carry, you should also consider the way you travel, such as self driving, high-speed rail, airplane and so on. It is recommended that you choose to carry a trolley case. If you choose a bus, train or hike, you can choose a backpack.

Some people may feel that it is not safe to go out with the backpack and worry that it may cause property loss if it is placed behind the back. However, in fact, the backpack is the most convenient choice for a holiday trip. If you are worried about security, we can put the ID card bag on the innermost layer, fill the backpack with a water cup, sunshade and thin coat, or we can carry the backpack in front of the chest, which is not only safe, but also safe And it’s more convenient to take things.

If it’s a walk and go trip, it takes a short time, that is, a weekend, and you need to bring a SLR camera to take pictures of scenery and culture. At this time, the advantages of backpack are obvious, and it has become the main choice of people!

Of course, there are many kinds and uses of backpacks. Different uses need to choose different backpacks, and the quality of the products varies, so it is necessary to choose a suitable backpack.

So, do you prefer a trolley case or a backpack when you’re away?

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