How to pick a good schoolbag for your child

- Oct 17, 2018 -

How to pick a good schoolbag for your child

1, tailored and buy. Note that the size of the bag is suitable for the child’s height. Consider a small schoolbag and choose the smallest bag that can be loaded with children’s books and stationery. Generally speaking, the schoolbag should not be wider than the child’s body, the back of the body, the bottom of the bag is not lower than the child 10 cm waist. Back schoolbag, the top of the bag is not higher than the child’s head, belt position should be at the waist to fall between 2-3 inches. The bottom of the bag and the lower back are high, the schoolbag is located in the middle of the back, rather than hanging on the buttocks Oh.

2, focus on design. Parents in the purchase of school bags can not ignore the school bag internal design is reasonable. Schoolbag interior Space Design reasonable, can be children all kinds of books, stationery, living supplies classification put, can raise children’s storage and finishing ability from childhood, let children develop good habits.

3, the material should be light. Children’s schoolbag materials to light, this is very good explanation, because students have to carry a large number of books and items back to school, so for the students to increase the load, schoolbags should try to choose Qingshenjianfei material.

4. Shoulder straps should be wide. Children’s schoolbags should be wide, this is also very good explanation, we have carried schoolbags, if the shoulder belt is very narrow, plus the weight of the schoolbag, long-term back on the body, it is easy to hurt the shoulder, shoulder straps should be wide, to help reduce the pressure on the shoulder of the schoolbag, and can evenly disperse the weight of schoolbags; The padded shoulder strap can relieve the strain on the trapezius muscle, and if the shoulder strap is too young, the trapezius muscle will be more susceptible to fatigue.

5. Belt is available. Children’s schoolbags should be equipped with a belt, the former schoolbag rarely has this belt, the use of a belt can make the schoolbag closer to the back, the weight of the bag is evenly unloaded on the waist bone and bone above. And the belt can be fixed to the waist, to prevent the school bag wavering, reduce the spine and shoulder pressure.

6, fashionable and beautiful. When parents buy schoolbags for their children, they should choose the type of aesthetic that suits their children and make them happy to go to school.

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