How to match the backpack with a more beautiful effect
Oct 04,2020

Backpack has become one of the necessities for people to go out, and the same with clothing, suitable and fashionable collocation can make you travel more confident. For different types of backpacks, there are exquisite collocations, you must refer to your overall wear to wear different backpacks. The following describes the types of backpacks and backpack collocation.

Travel bag with both hands

Exaggerated hands with travel bags are also full of business. In terms of collocation, it is suggested to choose the vertical stripe suit, and the double breasted suit is the best style. The straight vertical stripe will correct the proportion of backpack and human body.


Dynamic backpack is suitable for young business people. In terms of collocation, it is suggested to choose a dark blue coat and red tie. The contrast between red and blue shows a little youth vigor.

Traditional packages

The traditional classic file bag is a necessary style for business people. Delicate and soft leather, echoing double breasted leather windbreaker, all have geometric cutting lines, have a classic business charm.

Business travel bag

It is the most popular choice to make the traditional business bag bigger. Choose a dark and fat bag, pay attention to choose a slightly bright tie collocation, and the collar of the shirt with white high collar is the best.

Carry a bag

The portable and light carrying bag is suitable for self-cultivation. The exaggerated collar design of gun Lapel will highlight the light texture of the handbag and let you have some quaint temperament.

Square double pocket bag

The square double pocket bag has a bit of nostalgic taste, and the special wrinkle texture on the surface is destined to become the protagonist. It is suggested to choose a slightly loose board type with neutral colors, such as gray, gray blue, etc.


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