How to Maintain the Zipper of Backpack

- May 16, 2019 -

How to Maintain the Zipper of Backpack

1.Check for tooth loss

When zipping, the top must be aligned and the teeth on both sides should be close to each other. Then the zipper head of the backpack should be gently pulled along the direction of the zipper head, remember not to pull too hard. If the zipper is slightly astringent, you can apply a layer of wax on the tooth layer, which will be more smooth to use.

2.Check for rust

Zipper in the daily use process should pay attention to the anti-rust treatment, aluminum alloy material zipper is more vulnerable to corrosion, so to prevent damp, keep dry, in order to prevent aluminum alloy teeth from producing white oxide, after a long time will lead to zipper rust.

3.Check the oxidation rubbing

Generally, metal zippers are easy to be oxidized and rubbed. Therefore, it is suggested that if you do not use backpacks, you can use dustproof bags or paper to cover the backpacks or zippers, which reduces the loss of zippers and prolongs the service life of the zippers.

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