How to clean the outdoor backpack ?
Jul 14,2020

Due to the different use environment of outdoor backpacks, they often follow us to the nature where the environment and climate are relatively harsh .Therefore, the cleaning process after each exploration can prolong the service life of the backpack.

Here need to need to prepare the following three things before start cleaning the backpack:

  1. Neutral detergent: PH value between 6-7 for it, which will not make the anti sprinkling coating of backpack fabric invalid
  2. A high density decontamination sponge
  3. A soft brush can also be used as a toothbrush

It is necessary to pour out all the fine garbage in each bin of the backpack before cleaning, , so as to prevent it from sticking after being stained with water . Soak the backpack in warm water, wait for the warm water to gradually wet the fabric, and at the same time, it can soften the stains embedded in the fabric .

Next, use a decontamination sponge to wash the outer fabric of the backpack.A small amount of neutral detergent to help decontamination if you encounter dirty, difficult to clean stains .There are many small gaps in the zipper of the backpack, so it is easy to embed some soil and sand in the outdoor. So you need to brush slowly with the soft brush you prepared .

Finally, rinse the backpack with water. Be sure to wash the detergent clean and cool it in a ventilated room.

You’ll be back on the adventure journey when the backpack is dry .

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