How to choose the right outdoor Backpack
Oct 31,2020

Outdoor backpack is one of the most important outdoor equipment for us to carry out outdoor sports. It is particularly important to choose a suitable backpack. In this regard, I would like to exchange with you the following aspects in selecting and purchasing outdoor backpacks:

Backpack fabric:

The fabric of backpack body is generally made of nylon and Cordura with high strength, which is characterized by wear resistance and good tear resistance. In order to increase durability, thicker fabrics will be used at the bottom of the package and at the external hang. In order to reduce the weight of the package itself, other parts are made of light and thin fabrics. Some bags are made of high elastic fabrics with different density.

Shoulder strap:

The shoulder strap of backpack generally adopts the sea surface with high density, good resilience and different thickness, which is characterized by good air permeability, strong cushioning performance and soft texture. The shoulder belts of different types of backpacks are different. The shoulder belts of backpacks with large loading capacity are thicker and those with small loading capacity are light and thin.

Backpack cover:

The main function of the backpack cover is to protect the backpack during carrying. In the process of carrying, it can prevent the backpack bag from being hooked by tree branches and rubbing with rocks, and has a certain waterproof effect. At present, most backpacks come with a backpack cover. We should choose lightweight waterproof and tear resistant fabric when purchasing. At the same time, try to buy the colorful backpack cover, because in the outdoor environment eye-catching, beautiful color can play a certain warning role.

An important part of choosing a backpack

If there is a secret to choosing a backpack, the only trick is to try it. Everyone’s body is different. Even if they are the same height, even if they are fat and thin, the proportion of their bodies is still different. The type of backpack is fixed, so trying to carry is an important part of choosing a backpack. As the saying goes, only one’s body knows whether it is comfortable or not.

After determining the appropriate capacity of the backpack according to the characteristics of their outdoor activities, the next step is to try to carry the backpack to be selected. Try to carry a backpack has a premise, that is to load a certain weight of goods.

The above describes the characteristics of some outdoor backpacks. By understanding the design details of these models, if we can apply the above details and features to the selection of backpacks, I believe you will be able to select a suitable outdoor backpack suitable for your own backpack. It’s an old saying to the buddies who are new to outdoor sports. The choice of outdoor backpacks should be based on the principle of gradual and on-demand selection. The most expensive is not necessarily the most suitable for you, and the most suitable for you is not necessarily the most expensive.

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