How to choose the right mountaineering bag

- Oct 17, 2018 -

How to choose the right mountaineering bag

1, according to load demand to choose the backpack volume.
If the travel time is short (1-3 days), and is not ready to camping outdoors, carry not many items, easy to choose small and medium volume backpack, generally 25 liters to 45 liters is enough. The backpack is usually relatively simple structure, no plug-in or less set plug, in addition to a main bag, usually set 3-5 bags, easy to classify loading items. If the travel time is longer (more than 3 days) or if you need to bring camping equipment, choose a large package, to 50 liters-70 liters is advisable. If you need to load a large number of items or larger size, you can choose 80+20 Super backpack or plug more bags.

2. Choose the type of backpack according to the movement mode.
There are many kinds of backpack, but the use is not the same, all kinds of backpack design are unique, each has a special scope of application, mountain adventure series focus on high-strength, heavy equipment conditions of the application; Trekking series more emphasis on the use of light-weight, the climbing bag does not design hard support, so as to facilitate the carry-over; The riding bag pays more attention to the riding characteristics, and is suitable for riding sports. When choosing a backpack, first consider the application environment and the way of movement, the best choice for the package to make the special package.

3, according to the size of the use of the system.
Mountaineering bags are usually backpacks, backpack, backpack is the main consideration is to carry the system. Piggyback system according to the body’s shoulder to the waist distance to buy, generally mountaineering package is the most suitable length is the shoulder in the iliac, male upper body length, so the backpack is focused on the belly, the female backpack is focused on the waist.

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