How to choose computer backpack?
Sep 20,2020

Recently, in order to buy a 17 inch computer bag, my friend went to many stores and found that schoolbags and travel bags can hold laptops, but generally they can only hold 14-15 inch laptops. 17 inch big notebook computer wants to buy special notebook computer big bag.

In terms of quality, purchasing computer backpacks mainly depends on the materials and the design inside. The lining and fabric are polyester fiber, commonly known as polyester. The biggest advantage of polyester fiber is good wrinkle resistance and shape retention, high strength and elastic recovery ability, firmness and durability, wrinkle resistance, no ironing and no wool sticking. Polyester is widely used in clothing fabrics. It has excellent wrinkle resistance, elasticity, dimensional stability and good insulation performance.

In addition, polyester fabric has good resistance to various chemicals, acid and alkali have little damage to it, and are not afraid of mold and insect.

Special computer backpack, which has a computer bag, a lot of bags containing small things, mobile phone, key chain, signature pen, CD, external storage bag, water bottle, etc.

1、 Double shoulder computer backpack: similar to student backpack, student schoolbag can also be used as computer bag, but it is generally used to put 14-15 inch notebook computer, and 17 inch large notebook computer needs special computer bag. If you don’t buy it properly, you can’t put a big laptop in your bag.

Generally, there is no problem to place a 14-15 inch Laptop in a general computer bag. If you want to place a 17 inch Laptop, you should pay attention to the width of the bag opening of 27cm, and the bag width of 24cm can only hold a 14-15 inch Laptop.

2、 Portable computer bag: pay attention to the height of the handbag when purchasing. The height of 14-15 inch Laptop is 24cm, and that of 17 inch Laptop is 27cm.

If you don’t pay attention to the height of the bag, the large notebook will not fit in.

3、 Choose the bag according to the size of the laptop.

The 17 inch computer has a width of 27cm and a length of 39cm; a 14 inch computer has a width of 24cm and a length of 35cm.

4、 Some computer bags are equipped with key chains and mobile phone earphone cable (the headphone jack is on the strap, or you need to prepare another pair of headphones. There are only earphone plugs in the bag).

5、 Cleaning and maintenance

General computer bags need to be soaked in water and detergent for a few minutes. Natural temperature (below 30 degrees) of water, must not use hot water, because hot water is easy to make stains melt into the clothing fiber, or scald the material.

Or wash in cold water, and put in detergent, brush with laundry brush several times, then rinse with water for several times, put it in a cool and ventilated place to dry, do not expose in the sun.

Do you understand the problems that need to be paid attention to when purchasing computer backpacks?

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