How to choose a fitness bag

- May 20, 2019 -

How to choose a fitness bag

1.Fitness bags commonly used in gym club, such as badminton fitness bags, tennis fitness bags, running fitness bags, are mainly used to store sports equipment and clothing, similar to travel bags. This kind of fitness bag is usually made of polyester, canvas or nylon with small density. In order to take and put things conveniently, its shape is usually barrel. The portable fitness bag can be opened by zipper.

2.The fitness bag for bicycle cycling can be divided into two types: hanging bag type and backpack type. The hanging bag type can be carried on the back, or put it on the front handle or back shelf of the bicycle. The backpack bicycle fitness kit is mainly used for high-speed cycling bicycle travel. Usually, bicycle bags are equipped with map transparency layer and reflective light bar to ensure the safety of navigation and night riding.

3.The backrest fitness bag used for mountaineering, outing and so on has large volume and large storage capacity. The backrest fitness bag is composed of the body and the built-in/external aluminum alloy frame.


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