Fairies’ backpack minefield
Oct 17,2020

There is a saying in the circle of friends that “cure all diseases”. Girls love bags as much as men love cars and beauties. Whether it’s a little girl or a middle-aged woman, they all like to study all kinds of bags, and the topics after lunch are all about bags.

A fashionable bag can not only enhance people’s temperament, but also make people more fashionable and perfect. But suggest you never carry these bags, not only not fashionable, but also affect their own temperament.

Minefield one: canvas bag

The popularity of canvas bag is very endowed with minimalism. Its material is basically made of flax, and the design is very simple. Then, a popular canvas bag is popular.

It has the advantages of simple production, low cost, loved by the student party, and easy to wear clothes, any season can be used. However, for white-collar workers who have been wandering in the workplace all year round, the canvas bag is too cheap. It is very difficult for him to match the suit. It is very rustic and can not be used in most occasions. Therefore, for white-collar workers, try not to use canvas bags.

Minefield 2: Sequin bag, flash pack

Sequin bag, also known as the bounty bag, twinkles and twinkles.

For women, it has inexplicable attraction. It glitters in the night light, and the iron on the bag is very eye-catching in the crowd. It is the perfect embodiment of the beautiful young girl. It has a good rate of return, showing the youth personality and unrestrained character. It is suitable for young girls around 18 years old. However, if we think about it in turn, we are in our twenties. What we pursue is maturity and steadiness. What we improve is the quality of life, not just eating, drinking and playing. Therefore, carrying this kind of bag will be considered as immature,. On the other hand, the quality of the sequin bag is generally not very good, and it is easy to drop the iron sheet. After a long time, the bag looks ugly and will feel very cheap.

Minefield 3: transparent plastic bag

Once upon a time, plastic bags with transparent materials were everywhere on the streets. In French fashion shows, because model Selena carried this transparent bag on her show, and then began to blow transparent bags all over the world.

But think about it carefully, the main objects of transparent bags are some newly graduated college students or college students. This kind of people care about the pursuit of youth, personality and leading the trend. However, it is too cheap for white-collar workers in high-end office buildings to wear suits, which will make their own value drop. Another important reason is that the transparent bag has no privacy to speak of. The contents of the bag can be seen at a glance to the outside world. Some things exposed will be very embarrassing in the office building.

Minefield 4: dark Backpack

In the eyes of Xiaobian, dark backpack is the favorite of the student party. When we were in college, we basically had a backpack. Its advantage is that it has large space, can hold a lot of things, and it won’t be so tired to carry.

But for women in the workplace, this is a fatal shortcoming. It will make the whole person very bloated, which is incompatible with the competence of women in the workplace. Moreover, for young people with faster and faster pace of life, it is also a disadvantage to take things conveniently.

Minefield 5: Mini Bag

For young girls, the mini bag has a fatal temptation. It is undoubtedly the best choice for the younger girls who like to dress up. It will make the girls look petite and cute, suitable for some lovely girls.

However, if mature women choose this bag, it will be very out of place. It will make people look very small, immature and unable to reflect their own style. Moreover, the capacity of mini bag is too small. For women in enterprises, its capacity is far from enough and not practical. Therefore, white-collar workers are not willing to use mini bags.

Ladies and gentlemen, today’s explanation of the bag has stopped everywhere. I believe that after my patient and detailed explanation. We must understand when and where to use which bags, learn a few clothing matching skills, coupled with a beautiful bag, their temperament immediately out.

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