Do you think of the function of selecting students’ schoolbags to reduce the burden and protect the spine?
Oct 26,2020

For teenagers, the body is in rapid growth and development, spinal protection is still very important for children. If the children choose their own schoolbags, they may ignore the factors of protecting the spine. Therefore, parents should check on them. How can students choose schoolbags? Teenagers have an independent consciousness and aesthetic outlook. They often have autonomy in the choice of schoolbags. But can they really choose good schoolbags?

Be sure to choose a backpack

Choose a backpack instead of a one shoulder canvas bag, which has limited capacity.

The older the child is, the more courses there will be. Sometimes the schoolbag often weighs more than 10 jin. If you carry a shoulder bag with such a weight, it is easy to cause scoliosis, oblique shoulder and other problems.

When children choose their own backpacks, it is often easy to choose tide brands like adinike. However, they only have the appearance of a backpack, which has a lot of functions. For example, they can’t help the shoulder to reduce the load, and can’t protect the child’s spine under the condition of bearing more than ten kilograms. Therefore, the head of the family should take good care of it.

It must have spinal protection function

The schoolbag needs to choose the double shoulder bag, but at the same time, it can’t be a simple backpack. It needs a backpack with the function of reducing the load and protecting the spine.

Students’ schoolbags should have the function of protecting the spine, conform to the principle of ergonomics, and should have a complete carrying system. Excellent students’ schoolbags should be able to reduce shoulder load, which can reduce shoulder pressure by 35% compared with ordinary schoolbags, which can effectively prevent spinal curvature and correct bad walking posture.

Back aluminum baffle, shoulder belt, chest belt, belt should be all available, forming an excellent student schoolbag complete carrying system. The belt and chest belt can fix the schoolbag on the waist and back, prevent the schoolbag from swinging and reduce the pressure on the spine and shoulder.

After the children put on their schoolbags, fasten the chest buckles, adjust the shoulder straps, and better balance the decomposition pressure, which can effectively prevent high and low shoulders and hunchback, and prevent irreversible injury.

Make sure the fabric is good and the capacity is big enough

The fabric of student schoolbag should be safe, environmental protection, no residue, and has certain waterproof function. Bag fabric should choose zero formaldehyde fabric, safe and healthy, no odor, strong wear-resistant and dirty, and has a strong waterproof function to prevent wet books in rainy days.

The internal space design should not be ignored in the selection of students’ schoolbags. It should be reasonable and large enough. Children’s books, stationery and daily necessities can be classified and placed to keep children in a good mood and good habits at any time in the learning process.

There must be safety warning function

The safety responsibility of students’ schoolbags should not be underestimated, that is, there should be safety reflective strips to ensure the absolute safety of children walking at night. This high-quality reflective strip is widely used in fire fighting, first aid and police uniform, and the effect of three times that of them is more obvious. Whether in the evening, cloudy days, haze days, when using schoolbags, you can even see about 10% of the reflective surface from the front or side, so as to timely remind the driving vehicles and ensure the safety of children.

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