Buy student bags and use common sense

- May 7, 2019 -

Buy student bags and use common sense

The following students package custom manufacturers Xiaobian to share the purchase of student bags and use common sense:

A. Look at the appearance:
1. Whether the shape of the bag is full, whether the arc is natural, whether the bond is flat and firm, and whether the fabric is clean and flawless.
2. There is no empty needle, missing needle or jump stitch in the body line.
3. Check the contents of the label, such as the manufacturer’s name, address, package materials, etc.

2. Back-to-back trial:
1. Whether the zipper pull is smooth and smooth.
2. The firmness of the joints such as handles and straps.
3. The soft and elastic sponge on the back of the bag is comfortable to check.
4. Should the shoulder strap of the bag be necked?
5. Whether the strap length can be flexibly adjusted and locked firmly.

3. Special tips:
Whether the plastics and metal fittings used in the bag have edges and burrs, so as not to damage the person or damage the clothes during use.

4. Precautions for use
1. When you are carrying a backpack, the top of the bag is lower than the head.
2. Should carry two shoulder straps at the same time, share the weight
3. The weight should be as close as possible to the back to avoid leaning back.

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