About the MOQ(Minimun order quantity) about the custom

- Apr 28, 2019 -

About the MOQ(Minimun order quantity) about the custom

We all know that the custom-made bags are generally required to have a minimum order quantity. Different types of bags have different order quantities. Why do manufacturers have to have custom bags? The answer is to save costs. Customers who have customized bags and bags in the market, because they are not professional professionals, do not know much about the custom order quantity of bags. So, what is the custom order quantity of bags? What internal truth do we have to understand?

Every luggage manufacturer has relevant regulations for the order quantity. Different manufacturers have different regulations for the order quantity. For example, most luggage manufacturers require 300 orders, if the order quantity is less than 300, In order to save production costs, most manufacturers will choose not to take orders, even if they will take orders, the price is undoubtedly much higher. So why is this happening? After the manufacturer receives the order, it is necessary to prepare the proofing, the purchase of fabrics and accessories, the production of large goods, etc. The process and process during the period are very complicated. If the number of customization is relatively small, the time and effort spent are not related to the quantity. Reduced and reduced, in comparison, the overall production cost of the manufacturer is not cost-effective. Therefore, the manufacturer generally chooses not to take orders when considering the cost.

If the number of custom packages is really small, is there any other solution? If you can’t find a suitable manufacturer of luggage, then the custom side has a second option, which is to choose the manufacturer’s spot bag, the manufacturer’s spot is generally limited, this is due to cost savings and inventory considerations, most It is not in stock, but in order to prevent the number of customers from being less than the number of orders, many manufacturers will choose to explode in the current year to do some spot, so that customers can recommend when they ask, the spot models have limitations, and of course there are advantages. The time period for large goods is relatively short, and the bags of the spot models can be processed by OEM. After the order is placed, the goods can be completed within 2 weeks, which is more cost-effective in terms of time period and cost. Therefore, the number of customization is relatively small. For customers, buying a spot is a relatively cost-effective option.

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